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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 29, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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ng ordeal for a i heard same say "then i'm going to kill your dog" >> and then the robber made good on that threat. the terrifying ordeal for a driver who pulled over to look for her cellphone. >> checking out the at the grocery store is going to be different come january 1st where plastic bags are about to be banned. and we'll introduce you to the burrito boys! seven teens who embody the spirit of giving. a san francisco woman looses her best companion after a terrifying ordeal. she was robbed, but that's not the worst of it. patrick shows you what the crook took from the woman. >> i heard him say then i'm going to kill your dog. >> 12 years old, sweetest thing ever. >> reporter: she asked not to be named. this woman was robbed yesterday not only of money but
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her best friend roxy. >> she was always there. >> reporter: she parked to look for her car when a man approached her. >> he said give me all your money. >> reporter: she rivalled through her pockets and found only $5. and the dog started barking. >> he said i'm going to kill your dog. and he grabbed her from her collar. [ crying ] >> all of a sudden, i see her fly toward traffic. he threw her toward incoming traffic. [ crying ] >> reporter: she was rushed to er, but it was too late. >> they said she was pretty bad. so i had to put her down. >> chris: it was horrendous. >> reporter: michael saw the whole thing. >> he took her dog, lifted it over his head, and threw it into traffic. >> reporter: he is described as
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a black male age 30-35. >> i can't sleep. i can't close my eyes because the second i do, i see everything in my head again. [ crying ] >> reporter: if anyone has any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed roxy, this is a $1,000 reward. man. raveesh kumra was killed du invasion on novembe new details about the arrest of three men in connection with the murder of a wealthy man. earlier this month, 22-year-old ravon-dixon was arrested and charged with being an accessory to a homicide with a gang enhancement. three men have been arrested questioned and charged with homicide. there is a vigil tonight in walnut creek for a young man shot and killed by police earlier this week.
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the vigil was held outside the hair salon where anthony worked. police were called to an apartment early thursday where a woman said he was attacking his roommate. police said he was armed with a knife and they were forced to shoot. >> we just don't understand how somebody could have taken his life. [ crying ] >> i'm certain something happened. but how somebody -- he was small in stature. 5'4", 130 pounds. how threatening is that? >> family members say police have not shared any information with them about his death. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave. smoke and sirens jolted a mission district this morning. and tonight three dozen people are homeless after a 3-alarm fire destroyed their homes.
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it broke out on 23rd street and spread to victorian buildings close by. some people said their neighbors saved their lives by waking them up. no one was hurt and firefighters say it could have been worse if the fire erupted in the middle of the night. >> we tried to put it under control, and after that we just salvaged as much as we could do. >> investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. they say at least three of the five buildings burned air total loss. alameda county joins dozens of other california cities and counties in banning plastic bags from grocery stores. in berkeley shoppers will also have to pay for recyclable bags in their stores. >> reporter: we're not going to be seeing plastic bags like this at grocery stores in alameda county soon. they can be harmful to the environment. so come january 1st, people are asked to bring their own bags or pay for one. alameda county, say goodbye to plastic bags and
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hello to reusable ones! starting january first, 1-time use plastic bags will no longer be allowed at checkouts. instead, customers must bring their own bag or pay a minimum of $0.10 for a recycled paper one. >> i think it's a great thing. >> chris: i. >> i don't know if i like it, but i understand it. >> reporter: they adopted the policy to reese litter and waste and conserve resources. a plastic bag is a threaten to marine life and are one of the most common items found littered throughout the streets. >> it may be inconvenient for the customer but there's a difference between inconvenience and what works for the world and the planet. >> reporter: bag-bans are gaining in popularity. similar ordinances are already in effect in other california cities and counties like los angeles, san mateo, and san francisco.
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>> it's not that big of a deal. you just got to remember to bring a regular bag. >> reporter: january 1st, do not forget your bag if you are shopping in alameda county. this ban is for any place that sells packaged food, grocery stores, liquor stores, and even pharmacies. two days to go and no word whether senate leaders were able to hammer out a compromise to keep the nation from going off the fiscal cliff. the deal they're considering only kicks the can down the road again. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell left the capitol tight-lipped but smiling. harry reid and he are working on a scaled down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle class tax hike. the plan is to send it to the senate for a vote sunday and
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then to the house. john boehner had no comment. both sides remain at odds over the democrats' instance that the wealthy pay more in taxes. >> chris: it would only fund the government for 8 days. what does the president propose we do for the other 357 days? >> reporter: president obama insists his plan on the tablt is fair and it include -- table is fair and includes plenty. cuts to spending. >> we can't afford a politically self-conflicted wound to our economy. >> reporter: if the negotiations don't pan out, the president is ready to propose his own scaled back bill that would block tax increases for all but the wealthy and preserve expiring unemployment benefits. with the deficit ticking higher, patience is wearing thin. >> for those of us that invest in the stock market, it's disgusting to watch them jockey around with our money. we're affected every day. >> reporter: missing in all the last-minute negotiations is talk
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of the $1.2 million in mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into effect tuesday. if the government does go over the cliff, the impact on the aviation industry could be disastrous, and it could have a domino effect on the economy. the transportation security administration could lose about 7% of its budget, and more than 7,000 security officers. passengers could face longer waits at security. the faa could see its budget cut, and that means fewer planes, passengers, and cargo. >> everybody's pocketbook and livelihood is tied to the aviation system. the impact of it not being able to provide the service they do today would be devastating. >> if washington can't reach a compromise, are the economic recovery could stall. a new york woman has been charged with murder as a hate crime for allegedly pushing a man in front of a subway train. police say the surveillance
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video they released help find 31-year-old erica menendez. she admitted shoving the man and told police she hates hindus and muslims. the victim was from india, but it's unclear if he was muslim or hindu. she could face 25 years to life in prison. the body of the woman who was gang raped has erupted debate about violence in india. authorities added murder charges for the six suspects. for many protestors around the country, the charges are not enough. >> reporter: thousands of indians paid tribute to the 23-year-old physical therapy student who still hasn't been identified. she died of massive injuries after being gang raped
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by six men who picked her up in a bus. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: underlying the candlelight and prayers here, though there is profound outrage. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: it erupted last week in protests, not only against the bus rape but against the way female victims of sexual assault are often ignored by the community and by the police. >> reporter: on wednesday, a teenager in northern india committed suicide after police pushed her not to press charges against two men alleged to have gang raped her in november. politician caught off-guard by the public fury are now promising action. >> as a woman, as a mother, i understand how you feel. i appeal you to remain calm and help strengthen our collective resolve to fight the menace of violence against women. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: there's widespread public pressure to scale up that fight. all eyes are now on the
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official investigation into the bus attack. and the indian government clearly peopling the heat has announced that all six alleged rapists would be tried for murder. a new year means a new set of laws to take effect. why some are upset. forecasters expected this to be a drier than normal year. >> and the cold temperatures out the door, already seeing some upper 30s, low 40s, and some places could dip below freezing overnight! ,,,,,,,,,,
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portola valley is mourning e loss of 3 horses killed on y area freeway this morning.. the horses were mourning the loss of three horses killed on a bay area freeway this morning. the horse were spotted on 280 near alpine road before 5:00 am. they were then hit by two cars, one of which overturned. none of the drivers were seriously injured. one called the accident the worse horse-related accident in 20 years in california. the ranch owners aren't sure how they got out. a new state law that goes into effect tuesday worries people concerned about distracted driving. the law will allow drivers to send text messages as long as they use technology that is fully voice-operated. supporters say it's better than having drivers type. but opponents say the hands free texting still draws attention away from the road.
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other laws, carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in condominiums and apartments. two laws ban businesses and schools from demanding that employees or students share their information. breast feeding will be added to conditions that prevent discrimination in employment or housing. testing of self-driving cars will be allowed on california roads. our recent winter storms have washed away many of our memories of last winter's very dry rainy season. but carter evans shows us, for those keeping track, the storms have eased concerns we could be headed for another drought. >> reporter: snow fell again today in california's mountains. the latest in a string of storms. if this trend continue, we'll be looking at express water rather than a shortage. he says the mounting snow pack
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is 146% higher than normal. it means the state's reservoirs will be in good supply. >> it's almost like putting water in a bank and saving it for summertime. >> my gut feeling is this is going to be a really good year for us. >> reporter: john is a water manager in california where lake castaic is 90% full. >> chris: we've got water lapping over the road right now n. a bad year? >> just dry dirt. >> reporter: the difference between wet and dry years can be dramatic. and until recently, long-range forecasts suggested the storms would miscalifornia again this winter. >> chris: we did not see this coming. >> the predictions initially were for drier conditions. >> reporter: california needs to collect all the water it can. >> the more you can keep the reservoirs up, the better off you are.
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no rain today, but it is getting cold! >> doppler is taking a break. we're bringing it back later this week. but for now it's all about the cold temperatures! it's already cold outside. we're seeing some upper 30s, low 40s, 39 already in concord. that temperature is going to sustain to dip overnight. and below freezing in some spots, especially out in the north bay. some of our east bay interior valleys. otherwise upper 30s across the bay, and low 30s along the coast. for tomorrow, it's going to be a similar story weather-wise, temperature-wise compared to today. these temperatures are slightly below average for this time of year, maybe 5 degrees or so. you can see it's pretty much high pressure in effect. that low is continuing to move farther
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south. some rain showers to monterey county. but we are staying dry, continuing through tomorrow. new year's eve day, things look a little unsettled. for the most part, not expecting a huge aufsh out at all -- waush out at all -- tuesday, things look dry, and we're expecting plenty of sunshine. overnight low, a lot of 30-degree readings out there. below freezing overnight in santa rosa, and 35 in san jose. for tomorrow, your highs, slightly cooler than today. not by much. still about the same . 50 degrees in san rafael, 49 is your high in livermore tomorrow. 51 in fremont, and 51 out in mountain view. if you're doing any traveling across northern
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california, for the most part, we're expecting things to stay dry. with mostly sunny skies in redding and sacramento. tahoe, good day to head up toward the slope fist you're doing any skiing. there are no chain requirements right now on interstate 80 or highway 50. yosemite, they're expecting snow with a high of only 39 degrees. the next several days, things look unsettled on monday, still a chance of rain in the forecast but not much. any plans on new year's eve night, it looks okay. it is going to be chilly. tuesday and wednesday into thursday morning, things get more unsettled, and friday into saturday, we can get hit with more wet weather. the fireworks show, partly cloudy and cool. should be a pretty good viewing. >> the clouds just have to stay out of the way. [ laughter ]
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they're called the burrito boys. meet the teens serving up food for those who need it most. and a christmas list that had their father putting them in their place. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to help those who need it mt -- an exercise for some teenaged boys in holiday humility. two years later, a major effort to help those who need it most, one burrito at a time! the teens serving a valuable life lesson. >> reporter: it began with a lengthy christmas wish list. >> i asked for an iphone, a mac book, an ipad, and an ipod. >> reporter: and a very frustrated dad. >> this is too much. and i didn't want to raise a spoiled child. >> reporter: michael johnson wanted to teach his 12-year-old son, alec, a lesson >> at that age, he took everything for granted. kids don't think about having a car, having a bed, having clothes, having food. >> reporter: so johnson made a batch of breakfast burritos, put them in the truck, and took his son and his friend luke to see
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where the homeless live on the streets of san diego. >> i was scared. i thought they were all criminals and drunks. and addicted to drugs. >> reporter: but what they found was something different. >> they would be, like, god bless you. and we'd, be, huh, good bless you to. >> reporter: now the boys have been making burritos and taking them to the streets every sunday for more than 100 weeks. >> and they haven't stopped. these guys are the bomb. >> oh, it means a lot, from the heart. they have a lot of heart. >> sunday, yes. >> reporter: they are known simply as the burrito boys >> yeah, he's like, we're really proud of you guys for doing that. and it felt good. >> these kids are great. they're so faithful and diligent in their work. >> reporter: in giving, these boys have received a priceless gift: respect. >> they have nothing. we have so much,
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and they have so little. they get a burrito and they're so happy. and we're wanting ipad and laptops and iphones. >> reporter: michael says his son has changed dramatically since that first day on the street. >> my son looked at me as a young man that day. he really grew up that day. >> reporter: a life lesson that keeps on giving. >> so far the boys and their volunteers have made 23,017 hot burritos. and they'll be back at it tomorrow for the 113th consecutive sunday. good for them. i'm here, ready to go! the top-two team s s in women's college hoops hooked up today. and the warriors are proving it day in, day out! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they are off to their best t in 32 years... the warriors are the real deal! they are off to their best start in 32 years. tonight they faced the boston celtics. it was another great game out there at oracle. warriors up by 15 in the 2nd half. seth curry, well beyond the 3-point arc, hits it! 22 for steph. warriors 11 games over over .500, and close 2012 with a 101-83 win. the lady cardinals shot
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19%, stanford's 82-game home win streak snapped. uconn blew them out on their home floor. duke played well against the top team in the country. but too much seth curry, steph's brother. duke wins 90-77. the hunger bowl, all asu all day long! taylor kelly to rashard ross, the two hook up again, and the final is 62-28. just a blowout by arizona state. and i don't know if you had a chance to go to the game, i was there a few years back. it was a lot of fun watching the football game at at&t park. it's a cool place to watch >> only one more year though. com.
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